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New LP «A Bathroom For Esthete»  (reissue1978—1993) // Soviet Grail / ZBS Records

 New CD  Mikhail Chekalin. The Eurock Post-Symphony MIR Records/Eurock (USA)

 New LPх2 «Ecstatic Lullaby»  reissue1978—1987 // Gost Zvukк

 NTS aired an episode dedicated to the music of Mikhail Chekalin (Михаил Чекалин)

November, 2016

New СD  Mikhail Chekalin NeoAmbient - PostMeditative - Are We Here, Are We Long Gone?  


September, 2015

New СD  "Protest - Piano No Concerto "  by Mikhail Chekalin, Alexander Eisenstadt


May-June , 2015

 Two CD's   Mikhail Chekalin Mahavox Symphony 1 & Mahavox Symphony 2    Mir-records/Eurock    Read Review by A. Patterson


Book Music & the Second Culture Crash: Eurock June 3, 2015
by Archie L Patterson         Available Worldwide  Amazon







December, 2014

In 2005, MIR Records / Eurock began releasing the music of Russian composer Mikhail Chekalin in the USA. This month the release of four new Chekalin CD-albums brings his catalog to 43 CDs and 4 DVDs, which highlight the incredible range of one of Russia's most adventurous modern musician/ composers in the post symphonic and electronic music idioms.

CD Mikhail Chekalin  Requiem for Unofficial Moscow Artist / PostSymphony No. 12

The first of the four new albums, "Requiem" pays homage to two of Chekalin's late Russian artist friends and his wife Natalya Vlassova, who died early in 2014. The title track "Requiem for Unofficial Artist" is dedicated to Moscow painter Alexander Kurkin whose painting serves as cover illustration for the CD. <...> The other major work on the album, "Post Symphony #12", is a 3-part, 40+ minute piece dedicated to Chekalin's wife, renowned Moscow actress Natalya Vlassova. Descriptions of the music are impossible. Suffice to say it is one of the most sophisticated, adventurous and emotionally loaded electronic music works I have ever heard. The interplay between effects, melodies and thematic ideas developed are dizzying, at times breathtaking. The final musical segment, "Part 3", is dedicated to Chekalin's former creative collaborator Moscow art designer Sergey Dorokhin. All the music on Requiem composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Chekalin himself simply must be heard to be believed. A. Patterson
CD Mikhail Chekalin PostAmbient Symphony    Not Just Another Ambient Music Album! "PostAmbient Symphony" is hardly ambient music, but does indeed cast a different musical spell than most of Chekalin's other works. It features electronics prominently along with orchestrations; together they create of a musical palate overflowing with richly textured musical themes. The album features five compositions that segue seamlessly one into the other, beautifully bridged by subtle surreal synthetic sequences, which change both the tone and tenor of the musical flow. One dramatic difference on this album is that Chekalin creates and employs a variety of warmer synthetic tone colors and melodies than he has before. The result is indeed a very different musical ambiance that at times lives and breathes YIN vibrations, as opposed to the YANG energy his music often exudes. The album closer is a low-key double-tracked vocal recitation of a poem by Alexander Vvedensky featuring his late wife Natalya Vlassova. Backed by a serene electronic soundscape and simulated choir effects it makes for a reverential conclusion to an album offering perhaps some of Chekalin’s most engaging music.

CD Mikhail Chekalin Symphony # 13     Post-Symphonic by Russia's Most Adventurous Modern Composer  Few artists have such an extensive catalog exploring the full stylistic spectrum of music as Chekalin. His solo piano works demonstrate a firm grasp of both jazz and classical technique. Electronically his techno experiments are not simply derivations of BPM automation, his cosmic explorations don't simply meander and whatever the style his music makes provocative use of melody and theme in highly diverse ways. Even more impressive perhaps, he composes, performs, records and mixes the albums himself. Post-Symphonic music is his forte, several of his compositions having been performed live by orchestras both inside Russia and outside, in Germany. A prime example is his recent release "Symphony #13", a dynamic composition and recording, which illustrates what sets his music apart from more orthodox symphonic music. While the sound does indeed contain rich melodic arrangements and strong thematic developments, at times it veers off-course transforming into a unique hybrid of free-form expressionist sound sculpture that mirrors creatively today's lifestyle that has become precariously out of balance, filled with chaos and disorientation. Chekalin's combination of orchestra, solo piano and synthesizer on this album intertwines in such a dramatic way that at times you feel overcome by the sound and swept away by the musical flow. This makes for an album that is both entrancing as well as an ennervating listening experience. Reviews Written by  A. Patterson

November 7, 2014

 CD MonoOpera "What Is Po..?" by Mikhail Chekalin feat. Natalya Vlassova, voices   Mir-records/Eurock

A Stunning Avant-Garde Musical Work Reincarnating Russian History... In 2005, MIR Records began releasing the music of Russian composer Mikhail Chekalin in the USA. This month the release of four new Chekalin albums brings his catalog to 43 CDs and 4 DVDs, which highlight the incredible range of one of Russia's most adventurous modern musician/ composers in the post symphonic and electronic music idioms. The centerpiece of Chekalin's second new album entitled "MonoOpera - What is Po?" is a performance piece entitled "Frother - The Dew of Death", a modernist reinterpretation of an avant-garde work by Alexander Ivanovich Vvedensky. All of the albums recitations are based on the avant-garde poetry of three Russian-Soviet poets from the 1920s-30s Vvedensky, Daniil Kharms & Igor Bakhterev who were part of the short-lived underground avant-garde group OBERIU (an acronym for the union for real art) which existed for a short time during the Soviet era. For the recording and performance of the "MonoOpera..." Chekalin worked with his wife Natalya Vlassova to create a multimedia experience that made full use of her dynamic talents. The prestigious premiere held in 2009 at the Moscow Theater Na Passionate was a powerful audio/visual experience. Her stunning visage and powerful delivery serving as a vivid focal point set against a tapestry of post symphonic electronic music and kaleidoscopic visuals. On this album, the combination of her dramatic interpretations and Chekalin's striking musical accompaniments result in an epic modern operatic tone poem. There are many who attempt such experiments, but few are able to pull it off successfully. The marriage of Chekalin's music with Natalya's flesh and blood incantations embodies the creative essence of true avant-gardism.

Sadly, Natalya passed away on May 27, 2104, Chekalin's 55th birthday. She will remembered by many people in Russia for her other performances on stage as well as the many voice-overs she did for American actors in Russian versions of US major motion pictures like "Dead Man Walking", "The Thorn Birds" and "The Last Emperor". Children were very fond of her as well for doing the voices of many cartoons, Disney characters in like Scrooge "Duck Tales", plus Casper (The Friendly Ghost) and others. Her memory however will live on now in an entirely unique way for the stunning performance she gives on the album "The MonoOpera - What is Po?" that reincarnates a masterful work of literature from the Russian past. A. Patterson  /

25. Okt. 2014

 ...on October 25, 2014, the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra featuring American wunderkind Scott Voyles conducting performed Chekalin's "Last Seasons" for chamber orchestra in Germany.

Mikhail Chekalin // „Last Seasons“ fur Streichorchester. Scott Voyles //  Dirigent. Wurttembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn.                                      Mikhail Chekalin widmet das Konzert seiner verstorbenen Ehefrau Natasha.

Über Mikhail Chekalin: „Ich nehme mir das Recht zum spontanen Ausdruck von Gefühlen. Ein Strom von Gefühlen, in dem die Grenzen zerfließen. Zwischen Jahreszeiten kann man ja auch nicht genau unterscheiden, oder?“ <...> Inzwischen bekennt er sich zu einer mystischen Tradition des Komponierens, zu einer zeitlosen Avantgarde auf der Suche nach dem Wesen von Leben und Musik und der inneren Verbindung beider. Wir freuen uns auf einen interessanten Vortrag und ein gemeinsames, sinnliches Konzerterlebnis!       Unser Referent: Lars Sommer 25. Oktober 2014  /  /

SverigeSRadio / 26 januari kl 22:00 / Kalejdoskop by Patrik Stigsson presents:
Vilket i det har programmet betyder musik av Trey Gunn, Mikhail Chekalin, King Crimson och Karlheinz Stockhausen.  26 januari kl 22:00 (It can be listened to 30 days from now) “Music for Bandoneon, Viola, Clarinett & Piano, part 1 Lento Meditative”, by Mikhail Chekalin
10. I. 2014

Air special evening hour radio broadcast KUSF - SFCR (San Francisco. USA) Eurock Weekly Radio Program Fridays 10pm with Archie Patterson

The first performance 

(the first two parts) of the new Symphony #13  by Mikhail Chekalin (rec. 2013) .

Full version of the symphony will be released on CD already for this year (presumably in spring 2014).

Also, be prepared to publish another CD "Requiem for Unofficial Artists" (2012-13 rec.) 


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January 2013

...see also updated two CD reissues on DA-music CHEKALIN,MIKHAIL :: "NIGHT PULSATION" (1993)  :: „Last Seasons“ (2001) - Eine Komposition in zehn Teilen für Kammermusikorchester  / „BlackSquare“ (1997)- Concerto Grosso in vier Sätzen

June-December 2012

See all CD catalog on Eurock/Mir Records including new CD releases: Historic Edition (entry 70s and early 80s years) in 6 volumes, and other CD released - albums recorded in the 80s - 90s years,

and the new CDs recorded  already in the 2000s: - "PostElectric Simphony", "Post-Realism 1",

"Post-Realism 2", "Suprermus Continue" and other ...  

Mikhail Chekalin Back to the Future ~ Post-Realism  / San Francisco Community Radio 

may 2012
CD "Living with the inferno " /" Ambient Sociophony"    DA MUSIC/CCnC Records   

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1 may 2011

Two new CD releases: Mikhail Chekalin and Ulli A. Ruetzel
 "Blowing Off The Inferno" & "Return of Inferno"

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September 2010

new CD realise "Catharsis" Mir records / Eurock record, 2010

Buy on

Best of Electronic Music Podcasts 


May 2010

 ...a new album  I named this “Catharsis, or Post-Realism III”.

There is one track which is a 28 min piece dedicated to the 65 Anniversary of Victory in the II Great War and to the war victims (it seems, now more than ever, that it’s up to avant-garde radical left to concern oneself  with non-pragmatical matters of moment, things out of everyday groove, things on a global scale, one would remember Penderecki and his “In Memory of Hiroshima Victims” in this connection...)

M. Chekalin
"Hard-n-Soft" Magazine №5 2010

October 2009

New DVD realise "ALIVE@50" ("PostRequiem" rec.Live 27may 2009)
DVD 2009 (p) Eurockrecords / MIRrecord 2009

June 2009

Two New DVD releases "Mikhail Chekalin VideoHistoric Light&Sound 70’s-90’s"vol.1 vol.2

September 2008

DVD release "Poruganie Patsifika"


MONO OPERA "WHAT IS PO..." live performed at "National Center for Contemporaryarts", Moscow 16 september

August 2008
ART PROJECT "UNTIMELY" personal exibition (PAITING's and DRAWINGS 70's-90's; PRINTs & Audiovision Performance by M Chekalin) Moscow Art Galery VINCENT
August 2008
"Vash Dosug" Magazine has noted about An Exhibition of M. Chekalin's Artworks "Untimely" in Vincent Gallegy.
August 2008
TV-Culture showed a review of M. Chekalin's Art-Progect "Untimely"
August 8, 2008

Art Exhibition "Untimely" of M. Chekalin's artworks was started at Vincent Gallery.

May 2008
Russian "Radio Culture" noticed an issue of M. CHekalin's Album Monoopera "What is pO...' pO" on the verses of Russian Peots A. Vvedenskiy, D. Kharms, and I. Bekhterev.
Spring 2008
The "Russian Newsweek" Magazine (#22/2008) has pubilshed a review of the M. Chakelin's Album - Monoopera "Chto Takoe Est' pO" (What is Po..."). The TV Programm "Music Kiosk" on the 1st TV Channel of Russia also noted this Album in one of the May's Issues.
December 2007 – January 2008
he has just carried through a recording of a mono-opera for a dramatical actrice “What’s It the Po Stands for...” making use of verses by A. Vvedensky, D. Kharms, Igor Bakhterv from the OBERIU (Objedinenie Realnogo Iskusstva). The mono-opera is scheduled for CD release in February, 2008.
Fall 2007:

A little while before that a DVD featuring 80-minute art-videofilm authored by Mikhail Chekalin has been released by DirectMedia. This is based upon his audio album “Poruganie Patsifika” and bears the same name. The oncoming release of the DVD “Poruganie Patsifika” (NTSC version) is scheduled for the January 2008 in USA.

About the art-videofilm you can read an article by art expert A. Florkovskaya, you’ll find an account of film presentation which took place in M’Ars Gallery in “The Moskovskaya Pravda” Newspaper.

You can read M. Chekalin’s interview for “Progression Magazine” (issue 51) in English.

Also do not fail to find out Chekalin’s authorized complete version of the interview “Responding to Archie Patterson’s Questions” in Russian.

On Eurock. com you’ll also find special interview by A. Patterson and an item on M. Chekalin himself and on his album “Poruganie Patsifica”. 

On "Poruganie Patsiphika" Review 

3 new CD realise:  Mir records, USA

Summer 2007:

Moreover, by the end of 2007, Mikhail Chekalin brought to completion 3 new compositions, intended for release on CDs; these being “Spring Rehearsal. A Post-Modern Suite”, “Post-Electric Symphony”; and over the very end of December – the beginning of January he has just carried through a recording of a mono-opera for a dramatical actrice “What’s It the Po...” making use of verses by A. Vvedensky, D. Kharms, Igor Bakhterv from the OBERIU (Objedinenie Realnogo Iskusstva). The mono-opera is scheduled for CD release in February, 2008.

In a current of 2007:
A Historic Edition CD set of recordings unreleased as yet dating back to the years 1970s – 1980s digitized from the master-tapes and cassette-tape recordings has been also prepared for printing.
More Info

Other compositions by Mikhail Chekalin released on CD since the Millenium are certainly worth your notice. Data and reviews of some of them are available.