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                                   Review by А. Patterson

                           Post Symphonic Music from Mother Russia 

                                   Mikhail Chekalin Back to the Future ~ Post-Realism

"Keyboard" Magazine 6/1988 Print
"Keyboard" Magazine 6/1988 eng, rus
"Billboard" magazine: "Vocalise in Rapid" / Audion #18 (1991) "Post-Pop - Non-Pop" Print

 eng, rus

On vynil LP's (1990-1991) Print
"M'Ars 12 LP Albums Series" eng, rus
"Concerto Grosso 1 & 2" Print
"Concerto Grosso 1 & 2" eng, ger, fre, ita, rus
"Night Pulsation" Print
"Night Pulsation" eng, ger, fre, ita, spa, rus
  • Alan Freeman, "Audion", 23 (6/1993) UK
  • "Heartbeats", 1993, USA
  • Darren Bergstein, i/e, 1993
  • "La vie naturelle", 6/1993, France
  • "Eurock", 5/1993, USA
  • "Keyboards", 7/1993, Germany
  • Rainer Kuhn, "Keys", 7/1993, Germany
  • "ME-sounds", 6/1993, Germany
  • "Saarlouiser Rundschau", 4/1993
  • "Aha", 7/1993
  • Ersilia Rozza, "New Sounds", 7/8/1993, Italy
  • "Novedades Arpa Folk", 2/1993, Spain
"Probability Symphony in the Style of Jazz in 5 Parts for 4 Players" Print
"Probability Symphony in the Style of Jazz in 5 Parts for 4 Players"
("Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz. Vol. II") eng, fre, pol, rus
  • Duncan Heining, "Jazzwise", May, 2002
  • Dan Warburton, "Signal to Noise", 2002, USA
  • Barry Witherden, "JazzReview", 2002
  • Philip Clark, "The Wire", 2002, UK
  • Derek Taylor, "Cadence", 7/2002, UK
  • Marc Sarrazy, "Improjazz", 4/2002, France
  • "Coda", 6/2002
"Last Seasons / Black Square" 2001 Print
"Last Seasons / Black Square" eng
"Meditative Music for a Prepared Organ" (1979-1982) - 3 LP (1990) and 2 CD (2003) Print
"FAUST – ХХ " Print

"Nonconformist" Print
“New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock", Fred Trafton - Mikhail Chekalin's LP/CDs: Print

"Meditative Music for a Prepared Organ" - Volumes 1,2 & 3; "The Symphony-Phonogram", "The Night Ritual for Choir and Drums", "Green Symphony", "Borderline State", "Between Spring and Autumn by Stealth", "Concerto for Piano Synthesizer and Voice", "Pagan Suite", etc.

  • Fred Trafton, “New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock”, 11/18/07 eng, rus
'Poruganie Patsiphika' Print
Stefanie Sollow, "", 03/03/08 eng, rus
"Poruganie Patsiphika" Print
Image special interview by A. Patterson and an item on M. Chekalin himself and on his album "Poruganie Patsiphika" eng
Interview for 'Progression Magazine' #51 Print
Special interview and "Mikhail Chekalin PORUGANIE PATSIFIKA  A Post-Symphony in 9 Parts" for “Progression Magazine” #51 by A. Patterson Spring/Summer 2007, eng
Signal to Noise, Issue # 50/ June–July 2008 Print

«Circuit Breakers»

  • Darren Bergstein monitors electronic music’s vital signs  /  MCD1000 Poruganie Patsiphica [2005],  MCD1002 Paradigm Transition [2007], MCD1001 Untimely [2007]   eng.
Expose 3CD Rewiev by Henry Schneider Iyle 2008 USA Print
Expose 3CD Rewiev by Henry Schneider Iyle 2008 USA , eng, rus
10 Besprochenen mit Print

Mikhail Chekalin ist ein russischer Keyboarder und Komponist, der seit Ende der 80er Jahre LPs und CDs mit elektronischer Musik veröffentlicht. Der Grossteil seiner Alben ist bis dato allerdings nur in seinem Heimatland erschienen. (Achim Breiling)

Alle besprochenen Veröffentlichungen von Mikhail Chekalin, de Babyblaue Seiten
Die deutschsprachige Prog-Enzyklopädie


by Alan Freeman . AUDION magazine #58, 2013   

LP releases mentioned in this article...

Vocalise In Rapide (84-85) Melodia c60 27165
Post-Pop - Non-Pop (84,87,88) Melodia c60 28737
Meditativ Music For The Decomposed Electro-Organ 1 (81-82) Melodia c90 31373
Meditative Music For Prepared «Electricorgan» II (82) Melodia c90 31671
Meditative Music For Prepared «Electricorgan» III (81-83) Melodia c90 31673
Practical Music Making I (82-85) Melodia c90 31679
Between Spring And Autumn By Stealth (86) Melodia c90 31675
Practical Music Making II (84-87) Melodia c90 31677
The Green Symphony (84+88) Melodia c90 31375
Boarder State (88) Melodia c90 31377
Symphony-Phonogram (89) Melodia c90 30665
Introduction Into Intuition (1989) Melodia c90 31681
Concerto Grosso 1 (89) Melodia c90 30667
Concerto Grosso 2 (89) Melodia c90 30669

CD's mentioned in this article...
Russian Mystery (89) Melodia SUCD-60 00295
Night Pulsation (84-89) Erdenklang 30632
Album With A Symphony (82-92) Solyd SLR 0040
Porcelain God (96) TAU 00151
Avoiding The Desire For Cutting And Piercing Objects (98) TAU 00157
Saturn. Izdelije No... (99) CDL 885-02
A Pagan Suite (90-91) Nex NG 4046

There are also CD- releases on MirRecords via Eurock in the USA         

Music & Second Culture Post Millennium: Eurock Authored by Archie L Patterson Print

 Book ISBN/EAN13: 149362797X / 9781493627974   ( Publication Date: nov.10, 2013 ) 

Some of the Interviews & Features included are:  

Eurock: Music & Culture Post Millennium 
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
The Golden Age - Post Millenial Reflection
Rock Began in Oppositions...
Giorgio Gomelsky
Gilbert Artman & Urban Sax
Bernard Xolotl - the Musical Philisopher: Manuel Montes & Jorge Munnshe
Richard Pinhas of Heldon
Christian Vander of Magma
Florian Fricke of Popol Vuh
Manuel Gottsching interview
Godfather of Deutsch Rock Gerhard Augustin
Ashra in Japan by Harald Grosskopf
Hallusination on sustain - 25 Years of Amon Duul ll: Scot Fischer
The Cosmic Couriers
Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser & Gille Lettmann
[Kluster] Flashback, A history of Conrad Schnitzler
Agitation Free - Reborn
Mikhail Chekalin: Interview w/ a Post-Symphonic Composer
Plastic People of the Universe - when the Modesof Music Change
Savage Rose’s Freedom & Love
The Experimental Music Scene in Mexico
Luis Perez Ixoneztli
Iggy & the Stoges - 2010 Raw Poser Live
So Much for "My Generation"
Complete EUROCK Productions & Mikhail Chekalin - MIR Records Discographies music & Much More


Page Count: 230 Binding Type: US Trade Paper Language: English Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Music / History & Criticism



Music & the Second Culture Crash: Eurock Print

by Archie L Patterson

The Deviants ~ Revolution With Guitars, Not Bullets
Plato & Music
The ZU Concert
Innovation & Appropriation
Single, Albums, Radio & Recording
Exiles ~ Luis Perez Interview
Word, Song & Sound
Politique, Utopique, Libertaire
Gilbert Artman Interview 1977
Kulu Hatha Mamnua
42 Special Artist Features
Jim Pembroke Interview
On The Second Culture
Music Culture & Context
Mikhail Chekalin
How Tech Ate the Music Industry
Connection Between Art & Music
Vivaldi en Tenochtitlán
Christian Vander Interview
Atem Magazine France
Tom Rapp Pearls Before Swine
Erdenklang Signals Interview
335 Pages + Eurock Cover Gallery

Dedicated to Moscow Artist
Natalya (Natasha) Vlassova
(RIP May 27, 2014)

Foreword by Peter Moser; Archie Patterson, Hugh Nolan, Mick Farren, Ivan Jirous
Michael Beinhorn, Doktor Bob, Joe Carducci, Tom Cramer, Samuel Máynez Champion
Florian Fricke, Adehoum Arbane, Dominique Grimaud, Gérard Nguyen, Xavier Béal
Ulrich Rützel, Fizzè & Robert J Silverstein,

Cover Art by Mikhail Chekalin

Book ISBN-10: 1512337137
ISBN-13: 978-1512337136
Available from

Mikhail Chekalin Post Symphonic Music / Eurock Notes by A. Patterson Print


Mikhail Chekalin  Post Symphonic Music  Eurock Notes by A. Patterson
 Mahavox Symphony 1 (CD)
 Mahavox Symphony 2 (CD)
 Kidnapping Europe (CD)
 NeoAmbient Post Meditative
 Are We Here, Are We Long Gone? (CD)
 MonoOpera - What is Po? (CD)
 Requiem for Unofficial Artist / Post Symphony #12 (CD)
 Symphony #13 (CD)
 PostAmbient Symphony (CD)
 Saturn (CD)

Rockliquias lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016 Print
October 13 2017 PassiveAgressive – Mikhail Chekalin – Det undervurderede, post-impressionistiske geni bag jerntaeppet Print

Mikhail Chekalin – Det undervurderede, post-impressionistiske geni bag jerntæppet



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