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About the Album Vocalize in Rapid Print

(1988, Melodija, USSR)

About the Album Post-Pop Non-Pop Print

(1989, Melodija, USSR)

About the Album Nonconformist Print

(1996, Tau, Russia)

About the Album Avoiding the Desire for Cutting and Piercing Objects Print

(Jazz-kvadrat, 2000)

About the Album Concerto Grosso #1 & #2 Print

(2000–2001, Boheme, Russia)

Concerto grosso 1&2 Progressive Rock Pages ProgressoR Print

Detailed Review

About the Album The Probability Symphony in the Jazz Style in 5 Parts for 4 Performers Print

(2001, Leo, Great Britain)

About the Album Last Seasons. Black Square Print

(Kul’tura-portal, 2001)

About the Album Saturn. Izdelie ... Print

(2002, Citadel, Russia)

About the Album Poruganie Patsifika Print


Pro(rock)phet ... in His Own Country Print

(by Georges Avetissov. “Moskovskaya Pravda”, April 6th 2007)

Russian NEWSWECK 26 may-1june 2008 22 Print
review by Dm. Ukhov / CD 'WHAT IS PO..?"
Classic Rock 6 2015 Print

Classic Rock 6 2015 iune  ( in Russia)
Five of the most unusual albums giant Soviet record label "Melody" The most avant-garde Mikhail Chekalin  "Vocalise In Rapid" LP  (1988)

MIKHAIL CHEKALIN - Meditative Music For a Prepared Electric Organ Vols 1&2 (1979-1982) Print
There are no translations available Print
There are no translations available
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