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Young Composers Contest Print

(“Moskovskaia Pravda”,  March 16th 1976)

Invitation Card: Expositions Print

(“Moskovsky Komsomolets”, June 18th 1983)

That Brave World of Yore... by Olga Sukhanova-Grusevskaya Print

Short Story (1985)

I Make a Sketch of You Print

(“Moskovsky Komsomolets”, Aprin 24th 1986)

The Break Dance is Dead! Long Live the Break Dance! Print

(“Ogon'ok”, 43 Oct. 1986)

Painting and Concert Performance in Interior Print

(“Moskovsky Komsomolets”, Septamber 8th 1987)

This LightnMusic Trio Print

(“Komsomolets Tatarii”, Septamber 30th 1987)

Getting from Studios to the Festival Print

(“Komsomol’skaya Pravda”. Youth of Lithuania’s Publication, April 9th 1988)

Mikhail Chekalin Post-Pop Non-Pop Print

(“Melodija”, N4/1989)

The Musical Marathon Race. Issue No. 29 Print

(“Kommerchessky Vestnik” [Commercial Herald],  N19, 10/1989)

The Night Pulsation or Post-Pop Non-Pop Round the Clock Print

(“Parad Paradov”,  [The Show of Shows], 1995)

Concerto Grosso I - CDs booklet text by Dmytri Ukhov Print

(Unpublished, 2000)

Mikhail Chekalin Electronic Avant-Garde Print

(, 2002)

Now High-Tech, Now Greenpeace Print

(, 28.12.2004)

The Legend of Russian Ambient Print

(“Hard’n’Soft” Magazine, N2/2010)

About MoNo-opera What Is It the PO... ? Print

(Helene Orlova, M.A. (holder of a master’s degree in fine art), member of Composers’ Union of Russia)

Porugane Patsifika Print

(Anne Florkovskaya about the film “Porugan’e Patsifika”)

Chapter 4 (a fragment) of the book Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28... Print

(A fragment of the book “Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28. Painting Department of the United Graphic Artists’ Committee 1976-1988” by Anne Florkovskaya)

PROJECT "Wash Dosug" magazine Print

31 july-10 august 2008   About PROJECT "UNTIMELY" 


PROJECT Untimely "Wash Dosug" magazine (web versy) 13 08 2008 Print
"Desillusionist" magazine29 08 08 Print
ART Project in Gallery
ART-PROJECT "UNTIMELY" by M. Chekalin / "VINCENT" Gallery, Moscow, 2008 Print

(There are no translations available)

        ART-PROJECT "UNTIMELY" by Mikhail Chekalin

"Music and Electronic" (russian magazine), 2009, #4, "Master", Music objects byMikhail Chekalin Print

(Helene Orlova, M.A. (holder of a master’s degree in fine art), member of Composers’ Union of Russia)


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