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Draw On Notes Print

(“Moskovsky Komsomolets”, 20 January 1984)

Color Melodies Of The Space Print

(“Moskovsky Komsomolets”, 6 October 1984)

The Scene Has Its Own Laws Print

(“Vechernjaja Moskva”, 20 November 1984)

The Profection Of Music Print

(“Foto & Video”,  N11/1997)

5. AUDIOVISUAL PROJECTS GROUP "AKVIO" by Mikhail Chekalin. Print
 AUDIOVISUAL PROJECTS GROUP "AKVIO".THE PROBLEM OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN INFORMAL ART MOSCOW 1970-1980s. Esthetics in the definition of borders and the context of its subject. 
Moscow State University. Faculty of Philosophy. Department of aesthetics. "The boundaries of modern aesthetics and new strategies of interpretation of art." Materials IV Ovsyannikovskoy International Aesthetic ConferenceCollection of scientific papers. Moscow, Moscow State University. November 23-24, 2010. A.K. Florkovskaya
5. Журнал «Русское искусство» Арт-проект композитора Михаила Чекалина «Untimely» Print
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