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In a current of 2007: Print
A Historic Edition CD set of recordings unreleased as yet dating back to the years 1970s – 1980s digitized from the master-tapes and cassette-tape recordings has been also prepared for printing.

Historic Edition (Box of 11 CDs)

is comprised by works recorded over the span of a decade in 1970s–1980s and features the following titles (to mention but a few):

  • “A Well-Prepared Electroorgan”
  • “Twenty Moscow Artists” (Sound Ambience)
  • “Psychedelica Freskos”
  • “Two Concerto-Fantasies with Bells”
  • “Just Bits & Pieces for Synthesizer”
  • “Disturbances & Distortions for a Single-Voiced Synthesizer”
  • “Suites for an Electroorgan and a Single-Voiced Synthesizer”
  • “Music for a Prepared Piano, a Synthesizer and a Voice”
  • “Reflexions”
  • Some music fragments for a stage adaptation of A. and B. Strugatskys’
    novel “A Little One”
  • “Break Dance Suite” (1984)
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