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                 Sound-track in Its Own Right         


The Absolute Solo ”. “The CSDF”, 1990
Director Tat’jana Yurina

"Waiting for a Sponsor ". “The CSDF”, 1990

"WHAT WAS THAT? "Krasnoyarsk studio" 1985

"The Defeat ".  “The CSDF” Director Michael Pavlov, 1989

"On the wide Volga 1988 № 3 Conversations about the light " 1988

"Dissonata"  ‘VideoFilm” Studio, 1989
Director I. Khorev 

"Prizrak". “The Mosfilm” Studio, 1991.
Director Nikita Orlov

“Introduction to Intuition”. RTR, 1991
Executive Producer, Director Irina Bakhtina

“Rats’ Hole”. “The Mosfilm” and “The Rythm Studio”, 1992
Director A. Andronikov
Starring Alexander Inshakov

“The Rat-Catcher” (1992)
 and some other films dating back to 1980s – early 90s. Film Studio of VGhIK.

“The Coss of Mercy” (film serial in 6 instalments). “The Belarussfilm” Studio, 1993
Director Diamara Nizshnikovskaya

“The Flowers of Province”. “The Belarussfilm” Studio, 1994
Director Dmytry Zajtsev

“Do Listen to Russia”. 1998
Director V. Tikhonov

 “Between Life and Death”. “The Belarussfilm” Studio, 2002
Director Dmytry Zajtsev

“The Flock” ("Staya"). “The Belarussfilm” Studio, 2008
 Director Dmytry Zajtsev


It’s not easy to pigeonhole the film “ Introduction to Intuition” as pertaining to this or the next rubrique. A big fragment of the composer’s interview is included, still it’s more like the music (and imagery; as the visual images’ “material counterparts”, that is, objects or “things” were suggested or even provided, for the greater part, by the composer himself) “speaks for itself”, as “ interview with the East and the West” (to restate in a different way the name of one M. Chekalin’s pieces).
That is to say, this film claimes to appear just a “live-action” one, still its aesthetics seriously gravitates towards the mode of video-art... while other video projects that made use of M. Chekalin’s music following this very aesthetics fall into the realm of “animation” films.
As, for instance, is the case with “The Dissonata”, the first national full-lenght “animation” film which takes up the video-art aesthetics, in the proper sense of this trendy word.

                         Music as a Video-Art
                   Sound-track in Its Own Write

“The Dissonata”. VPTO “Videofilm”, 1989
Cameraman and Executive Producer Igor Khorev

“The Introduction”. “The Pilot” Studio of Alexander Tatarsky, 1992
Executive Producer Renat Gazizov

The Origin of Species”. “The Pilot” Studio,1992
Executive Producer Renat Gazizov
“The Origin of Species” is Nica Prize Laureate in animated cartoons nomination.
This animated cartoon humorously illustrates Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution; each one of its seven instalments presents a different story with its own subject-matter.

The Hypnaerotomachy”. “The Pilot” Studio, 1992
Executive Producer A. Svisslotsky

The Exit”. “The Soyuzmultfilm” Studio, 1994
Executive Producer Helena Prorokova

Welcome to the XXIst Century”. International project – worldwide message, an “animation” film (in 7 instalments, the pilot-versy).
Producer Helena Prorokova

The seven days of Creation are counted out in reverse, toward that primal moment, when “the Big Bang”, a nuclear one this time, reverses the Cosmic order back to the primordial Chaos.
The visual imagery are based upon famous paintures of the XXth century, from the impressionists to Dali and Rauschenbach; each instalment – “a day” – is “animated” by different animator.

These works in animated cartoons genre are polystylistic and widely vary as to their emotional colouring, ranging from humouristic to tragic. They concur, however, in that point that their “story” is told not by verbal means but by audio-visual one; the music as “a story-teller” and “a message-giver” ranks on a par with visual imagery.


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