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There were also soundtracks for feature films ( “Central TV” Studio), for animation, TV-films and TV-documentaries, popular science films and educational programs. During the 90s M. Chekalin’s music features as all but constant background to the TV “burning points” newsreels.
M. Chekalin also writes electronic music for absolutely unpredicted occasions, as for example, music for  moving-for-health exercises’ sets for children (issued in "ABVGDeKA" popular TV-show in USSR early - midle 80's), In the 80s Mikhail Chekalin creates music for  film-making. some popular fanthasy TV-Films as
 "Absolutnaja Zachita"by Robert Sheckley,
"Chicagskaja Bezdna"by Ray Bradbury,
 "Psychedinamika Koldovstva"by James Gunn, and others.
The composer M. Chekalin is featured in several documentaries (the late 80s – the early 90s) as for instance  or “An Introduction into Intuition” (Central TV of Russia) as well as in quite a few TV projects: “A Music Not For All and Sundry”, “Under the Pi Sign”, " Programma-A", "Kafe Oblomov", ect...
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