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Mikhail Chekalin "Video Historic Light&Sound" 1970's - 80's vol.1 & vol.2 1980's - 90's Print


MDVD 2001 NTSC Made in the USA

MIR Records C/o Eurock

DVD produced by Archie Patterson (C) M. Chekalin 2008 (P) Eurock Record Co. 2009



VIDEO HISTORY VOL.1 (DVD) The Video History of Light and Sound V.1 features Light and Sound collages with Music that were filmed at installations during the 1970s and 1980s. All music was performed by Chekalin. The visuals were created in accompaniment by his team of collaborators.



VIDEO HISTORY VOL.2 (DVD) The Video History of Light & Sound V.2 features Animated and Live documentary film as well as more recent Light & Sound Music collages. It also contains as a historical capstone work, the live concert by the St Petersburg Philharmonic in 1997 performing his latest “Post-Symphonic work at that time. These 3 DVDs contain some 4 hours of archival footage and music that has been preserved in remarkably quality technically, much of which has never been seen or made available outside the restricted confines of the Soviet underground Art & Music scene. They offer ample evidence of how the spirit of creativity can flourish even under the most restrictive circumstances. Chekalin’s work was certainly at the forefront of not only Russian electronic music, but the multi-media areas of experimental film and art in his country as well. Now freed from the Cold War vacuum chamber they offer a unique audio visual experience for all to experience.

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