31. 2010 - "Catharsis" Версия для печати
(C) M. Chekalin (P) Eurock 2010




 1.  16’ 45
 2.  8’ 00
 3.  9’ 24
 4.  7’ 43
 5.  1’ 46
 6.  0’ 40 (1979 rec.)
 7.  26’ 32 (special sound track ) In Memory of Fascism Victims. Commemorating the 65 Anniversary of Victory in the II World War
 8.  3’ 05
 9.  4’ 03 (Afterwards)

All music composed, arranged, performed (vocal and all instruments) and mixed by Mikhail Chekalin 2010
Music Produced by Archie Patterson
(C) M. Chekalin (P) Eurock 2010
Music Recorded by Mikhail Chekalin
Music Licensed from Mikhail Chekalin
Booklet Artwork, Photo by Mikhail Chekalin
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The new CD CATHARSIS by Mikhail Chekalin features his most recent music recorded in 2010 and without doubt expands the range of his musical dynamic. A concept work in 9 Parts it combines all the elements of his style, post-symphonic classical, jazz, electronic textures with a hint of rock, and weaves them into a new musical fusion that both unique and listenable. The album centerpiece is the 26:32 piece, "In Memory of Fascist Victims, Commemorating the 65th Anniversary of Victory in WWII". Musically, it is a stunning new form of music where various influences flow freely through changes in theme and musical texture that become intoxicating in their tone, timber and creative complexity. Subtitled a "Special Soundtrack" it "plays" like a pictorial soundscape catching the listener up in it's continual ebb and flow. Complex for sure, it's also captivating listening as well. If you've not heard Chekalin's music before, this is the place to start!

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