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7. 1991 - "Between Spring and Autumn by Stealth" Print
(1986) MELODIYA C90 31675 006

• "Keyboard", July 1991: "Mikhail Chekalin: M'Ars 12 LP Albums Series"

• "New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock", 11/18/07: "12 LP Albums Series"


  • Album - Suite - Fantasia - Choreography 1986  
SIDE ONE - 24:48
  1. Music 1 
  2. Divertimento. Version 1 
  3. Divertimento. Version 2
  4. Mini-Requiem
  5. Etude-Improvisation

SIDE TWO - 24:52

  1. Music 3 With Oriental Dance
  2. Divertimento. Version 3
  3. Divertimento. Version 4
  4. Music 3 With Continuation
  5. Dance Continuation
  6. As If Not From Here. Excerpt 

© 1991 M.Chekalin

(P) 1991 MELODIYA C90 31675 006

M'Ars - the Gallery of Modern Art. The series of electronic music in 12 LP Albums. All music composed and performed by Mikhail Chekalin, Moscow, Russia. Selected recordings of 1981 - 1989 from the author's record library. Album 5.

Mikhail Chekalin - synthesizer OBX-8, percussion, rhythm-computer TR-909, vocal, mixing, etc. Recorded live without using sequencers and participation of other musicians. Recorded in minimum technical conditions of improvised studio with 8-track tape-recorder spontaneously, practically by stealth... Produced by Mikhail Chekalin. On the front cover: A.Semyonov "Holy Family" (Fragment). Recording engineer A.Malinin. Editor: N.Katzman. Cover design by S.Dorokhin, Yu.Linitsky. Photo by D.Chekalin.

This music regularly sounded at Spring exhibitions of 20 Moscows artists on Malaya Gruzinskaya, who are my friends till now whom I dedicate this music with love. It is an absolute phonogram. It is the thing in itself. Only you and me have it in the form of this LP. Yours, M.Chekalin.


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