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9. 1991 - "The Green Symphony" (1988). "The Night Rite With Voices" (1984) Print
MELODIYA C90 31375 000

• "Keyboard", July 1991: "Mikhail Chekalin: M'Ars 12 LP Albums Series"

• "New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock", 11/18/07: "12 LP Albums Series"

    1. Movement I
    2. Movement II
    3. Movement III 

    1. Movement IV
    2. "The Night" Rite With Voices  (1983)
    3. Movement V  

© 1987 M. Chekalin

(P) 1991 MELODIYA C90 31375 000

M'Ars - the Gallery of Modern Art. The series of electronic music in 12 LP Albums. All music composed and performed by Mikhail Chekalin, Moscow, Russia. Selected recordings of 1981 - 1989 from the author's record library. Album 7.

Mikhail Chekalin - keyboards, synthesizers, percussion, vocal and improvisation. Produced by Mikhail Chekalin. On the front cover: Yu.Mironov "The Green Meadow". On the back cover: Mikhail Chekalin "Self-portrait". Recording engineer I.Zamaraev. Editor: N.Katzman. Cover design by S.Dorokhin, Yu.Linitsky. Photo by D.Chekalin.

All the music performed on this disc is original. It does not exist in any other performance and in notes. It is an absolute phonogram, it is the thing in itself and only you and me have it in the form of this LP. Yours, M.Chekalin.


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