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Music & the Second Culture Crash: Eurock Print

by Archie L Patterson

The Deviants ~ Revolution With Guitars, Not Bullets
Plato & Music
The ZU Concert
Innovation & Appropriation
Single, Albums, Radio & Recording
Exiles ~ Luis Perez Interview
Word, Song & Sound
Politique, Utopique, Libertaire
Gilbert Artman Interview 1977
Kulu Hatha Mamnua
42 Special Artist Features
Jim Pembroke Interview
On The Second Culture
Music Culture & Context
Mikhail Chekalin
How Tech Ate the Music Industry
Connection Between Art & Music
Vivaldi en Tenochtitlán
Christian Vander Interview
Atem Magazine France
Tom Rapp Pearls Before Swine
Erdenklang Signals Interview
335 Pages + Eurock Cover Gallery

Dedicated to Moscow Artist
Natalya (Natasha) Vlassova
(RIP May 27, 2014)

Foreword by Peter Moser; Archie Patterson, Hugh Nolan, Mick Farren, Ivan Jirous
Michael Beinhorn, Doktor Bob, Joe Carducci, Tom Cramer, Samuel Máynez Champion
Florian Fricke, Adehoum Arbane, Dominique Grimaud, Gérard Nguyen, Xavier Béal
Ulrich Rützel, Fizzè & Robert J Silverstein,

Cover Art by Mikhail Chekalin

Book ISBN-10: 1512337137
ISBN-13: 978-1512337136
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