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14. 1991 - "Concerto Grosso 2" Print
(1989) MELODIYA C90 30669 004

• "Keyboard", July 1991: "Mikhail Chekalin: M'Ars 12 LP Albums Series"

• "New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock", 11/18/07: "12 LP Albums Series"

• Various publications about "Concerto Grosso 1 & 2"

• Boheme, Russia, 2001: on the album "Concerto Grosso # 1 & # 2" rus

  • SIDE ONE - 22:29

    1. New Bolero With Prolongation
    2. The Suspention in Dancings
  • SIDE TWO - 24:08

    1. The Interview With Russia in Respect of West And East 
    2. Interlude
    3. Delivery to Nowhere

© 1991 M. Chekalin

(P) 1991 MELODIYA С90 30669 004

M'Ars - the Gallery of Modern Art. The series of electronic music in 12 LP Albums. All music composed and performed by Mikhail Chekalin, Moscow, Russia. Selected recordings of 1981 - 1989 from the author's record library. Album 12.

Mikhail Chekalin - keyboards, synthesizers (EMI-II, Kurzwell, Yamaha DX-7, Roland D-50), percussion, vocal, voice-improvisations, soundmixing, etc. Produced by Mikhail Chekalin. On the front cover: K.Khudyakov "Interview of Eternity" (fragment). Editor: N.Katzman. Cover design by S.Dorokhin, Yu.Linitsky. Photo by D.Chekalin.

All the music recorded on this disc is performed by Mikhail Chekalin as an indivisible studio process of the composer's creation, that is the recording of music performance without participation of other musicians. It is a life produced music not coded in a discreted notation which is in itself only the material for future performers. It is original and doesn't exist in any other form. It is the thing in itself. It is an absolute phonogram. Only you and me have it in the form of this LP. Yours, M.Chekalin.


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