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(P) Mir Records / Eurock, USA


  1. Part 1 - 8:24
  2. Part 2 - 18:15
  3. Part 3 - 7:48
  4. Part 4 - 8:09
  5. Part 5 - 1:37
  6. Part 6 - 17:14
  7. Part 7 - 4:28
  8. Part 8 - 10:36
  9. Part 9 - 2:48

Playing time: 79:19

© 2005 M.Chekalin

Сomposed, performed, mixed and produced by Mikhail Chekalin. Recorded in June 2005. Drawings and art-cover design by Mikhail Chekalin.


A. Patterson, booklet annotation:

One of the greatest thrills in music is to discover a new artist with a new sound that comes out of the blue. Mikhail Chekalin is one such composer and musician, but he's hardly a new one. He has been making music in Russia for almost 40 years now. His music was published under the Soviet regime. It has been released in Russia on a limited scale after that the regime crumbled. Over the span of his career he has had major art and music demonstrations in his homeland. He even did a series of productions in West Germany in the early 1990's.

This album contains some of his most recent music. It is part of a trilogy of albums he has composed and conceived primarily since the Millennium that have remained unreleased until now. Each of them showcases an entirely different musical character and compositional nature. His music has been categorized as "Post Pop - Non Pop" & "Post Symphonic". Those are descriptive I think because he came of age during the time of pop music's ascendancy, but also immersed himself in the study of works by the classical masters and great philosophical thinkers, past and present. Living under a restrictive social order, during a time of great change, he was determined to create music that was also art. The end result embodies a new cultural fission, born out of the chaotic order of the times under which his music, artistic and philosophical ideas were formed. That formative process led him to create a personal style that transcends his influences and the electronic music medium he ultimately chose to work in.

PORUGANIE PATSIPHICA is a work of dramatic themes filled with powerful instrumental arrangements and deeply intense, emotional themes. You listen, are swept up in the music, carried along on a listening journey that in the end leaves you breathless, shaking your head in amazement at the sounds you have encountered along the way. This first part of the trilogy is definitely heavy stuff, featuring a compositional sensibility that is overflowing with ideas and energy. It is not background music, but instead requires a good listen as there's a lot happening on many different levels. In the end, I think you will feel that alt you have heard was rather extraordinary.

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