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Fall 2007: Print

A little while before that a DVD featuring 80-minute art-videofilm authored by Mikhail Chekalin has been released by DirectMedia. This is based upon his audio album “Poruganie Patsifika” and bears the same name. The oncoming release of the DVD “Poruganie Patsifika” (NTSC version) is scheduled for the January 2008 in USA.

About the art-videofilm you can read an article by art expert A. Florkovskaya, you’ll find an account of film presentation which took place in M’Ars Gallery in “The Moskovskaya Pravda” Newspaper.

You can read M. Chekalin’s interview for “Progression Magazine” (issue 51) in English.

Also do not fail to find out Chekalin’s authorized complete version of the interview “Responding to Archie Patterson’s Questions” in Russian.

On Eurock. com you’ll also find special interview by A. Patterson and an item on M. Chekalin himself and on his album “Poruganie Patsifica”. 

On "Poruganie Patsiphika" Review 

3 new CD realise:  Mir records, USA

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Other compositions by Mikhail Chekalin released on CD since the Millenium are certainly worth your notice. Data and reviews of some of them are available.