2. 2009 - "Mikhail Chekalin ALIVE@50"

= Mikhail Chekalin ALIVE@50 =



(NTSC DVD) Recorded in May 2009 at a private birthday party...



Post-Requem   66'01

Leningradsky Prospekt  19'14

Post-Ludie  3'59



All Music Composed, Performed, Recorded and Produced by Mikhail Chekalin

Thank to S. Dorokhin, Yu, Linitskyi as Video-Live-rec.

DVD Produced by Archie Patterson

(C) M. Chekalin (P) Eurock 2009




Recorded in May 2009 at a private birthday party with his friends, the 3 Live pieces he performed rank as perhaps the best examples of electronic music Chekalin has done to date. Experimental still stylistically, they are also filled with deep spatial explorations, darkly ambient undertones as well as heavy symphonic passages. Enhanced by film effects at times they add a 3D quality to the images making ALIVE@50  surreal & sonically entrancing.

This year Mikhail Chekalin celebrated his 50th year. More than half of his life has been spent creating music and art. During the worst of times he dealt with the KGB and had his studio destroyed. In those days it was an act of subversion to simply create your own music and art if it was not sanctioned by the Soviet government.

Since the fall of the USSR things may have gotten better in some ways, but still the work of artist and musicians is not supported. There is no national record label in Russia for releasing music anymore. And the open market is flooded with pirate productions of every sort of commodity music and otherwise.

To celebrate his birthday Mikhail staged a private concert for his close friends. This DVD is a live document of that. The music ranges from spatial electronic to post symphonic, neo-classic and tranceadelic. The film is a surreal spectacle and the music intoxicating sonically. The combined effect is hypnotizing Enjoy the party!