34. Living With The Inferno Mikhail Chekalin and Ulli A. Ruetzel

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 Living With The Inferno Mikhail Chekalin and Ulli A. Ruetzel 

1.  Living With The Inferno       55:25

2.   Ambient Sociophony           20:00

3.     Love Roulette                    2:26 

4.  Episode With Bankers As Cake Crunching Monsters  1:19


MIKHAIL CHEKALIN – piano, electronics, synthesizer, computer

ULLI A. RUETZEL – alto saxophone

NATALYA VLASSOVA - background vocals on track 2)


After the two download-only albums „Blowing Off The Inferno“ and „The Return Of The Inferno“ (both released on the CCn’C label) it seemed entirely logical to entitle the third part of this “infernal” trilogoy „Living With The Inferno“. Those who suspect some kind of so called program-music behind this project are protagonists of the obvious, but then again, if you want to take the title seriously, one look at the anarchic events of the day is enough.

In the liner notes of the first two albums it says: „What kind of inferno are the musicians talking about? The profane one we all experience day after day?...” etc.
This is true for this album as well. But in the liner notes it also says: „Or is „inferno“ meant to be a metaphor for the freedom of the improviser?“
The center stage is still occupied by the joy of working with electronic means as well as with the acoustic sound(s) of the saxophone. Like with the first two parts, unfinished files have been beamed back and forth between Moscow and Eslohe/Germany. Finally, they were arranged for dinner in Chekalin´s electronic kitchen. The listener is required to develop his own interpretation. Nothing more and nothing less.


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