B декабре 2014

B декабре 2014 еще три новых СD альбома вышли на Mir-records/Eurock(США):

Mikhail Chekalin  Requiem for Unofficial Moscow Artist / PostSymphony No. 12

"The first of the four new albums, "Requiem" pays homage to two of Chekalin's late Russian artist friends and his wife Natalya Vlassova, who died early in 2014. The title track "Requiem for Unofficial Artist" is dedicated to Moscow painter Alexander Kurkin whose painting serves as cover illustration for the CD. <...> The other major work on the album, "Post Symphony #12", is a 3-part, 40+ minute piece dedicated to Chekalin's wife, renowned Moscow actress Natalya Vlassova. Descriptions of the music are impossible. Suffice to say it is one of the most sophisticated, adventurous and emotionally loaded electronic music works I have ever heard. The interplay between effects, melodies and thematic ideas developed are dizzying, at times breathtaking. The final musical segment, "Part 3", is dedicated to Chekalin's former creative collaborator Moscow art designer Sergey Dorokhin. All the music on Requiem composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Chekalin himself simply must be heard to be believed." A. Patterson

Mikhail Chekalin PostAmbient Symphony    Not Just Another Ambient Music Album! "PostAmbient Symphony" is hardly ambient music, but does indeed cast a different musical spell than most of Chekalin's other works. It features electronics prominently along with orchestrations; together they create of a musical palate overflowing with richly textured musical themes. The album features five compositions that segue seamlessly one into the other, beautifully bridged by subtle surreal synthetic sequences, which change both the tone and tenor of the musical flow. One dramatic difference on this album is that Chekalin creates and employs a variety of warmer synthetic tone colors and melodies than he has before. The result is indeed a very different musical ambiance that at times lives and breathes YIN vibrations, as opposed to the YANG energy his music often exudes. The album closer is a low-key double-tracked vocal recitation of a poem by Alexander Vvedensky featuring his late wife Natalya Vlassova. Backed by a serene electronic soundscape and simulated choir effects it makes for a reverential conclusion to an album offering perhaps some of Chekalin’s most engaging music.

Mikhail Chekalin Symphony # 13     Post-Symphonic by Russia's Most Adventurous Modern Composer  Few artists have such an extensive catalog exploring the full stylistic spectrum of music as Chekalin. His solo piano works demonstrate a firm grasp of both jazz and classical technique. Electronically his techno experiments are not simply derivations of BPM automation, his cosmic explorations don't simply meander and whatever the style his music makes provocative use of melody and theme in highly diverse ways. Even more impressive perhaps, he composes, performs, records and mixes the albums himself. Post-Symphonic music is his forte, several of his compositions having been performed live by orchestras both inside Russia and outside, in Germany. A prime example is his recent release "Symphony #13", a dynamic composition and recording, which illustrates what sets his music apart from more orthodox symphonic music. While the sound does indeed contain rich melodic arrangements and strong thematic developments, at times it veers off-course transforming into a unique hybrid of free-form expressionist sound sculpture that mirrors creatively today's lifestyle that has become precariously out of balance, filled with chaos and disorientation. Chekalin's combination of orchestra, solo piano and synthesizer on this album intertwines in such a dramatic way that at times you feel overcome by the sound and swept away by the musical flow. This makes for an album that is both entrancing as well as an ennervating listening experience. Reviews Written by  A. Patterson

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